31 January 2010

Wilba MB-6582 (Part 3)

Last week the 3mm leds arrived at my local electronics shop. And since we are again covered in snow here I decided that today was a nice day to solder them in. In the picture you see the front panel with the PCB below that I made before. It is a bit of a hassle getting all the switches in the holes, but after I while of fiddling with it I got the front panel on. I did this only to fit and see if nothing was missing. Well all the leds are missing of course ;) After this I removed the front panel again and first put all the leds of the matrix in the left upper corner in and then turned it up side down.

In the picture on the right you can see the legs sticking out. This matrix is 8x8 leds to that gives a total of 128 legs only for the matrix. I soldered them one by one and cut of the legs directly so that I could better access the next one again. Now I only hope I put the leds in the right orientation. On the PCB there is a picture of a led shape with a flat end, but my leds didn't have that. But that should correspond with the short lead. At least when I have them wrong they will be all wrong. Ah that will only be a disaster in the small ;)

After this I took the front panel off again and inserted the rest of the leds and then also soldered them one by one. In the picture on the left you can see the final result with all the leds in place. Start to look nice doesn't it? Then I had a look at how the rest of the mounting has to be done in the building document. But I actually think I have a better and easier way. But I'm going to try this first before I write about it here :) I still haven't found a good C64 power supply by the way. So testing the whole thing is still not possible.

And here is a final shot of the front panel, just because it looks so nice :) From this shot you can basically see how the synthesizer works. You can see 8 voices with 3 Oscillators per voice. 3 Filters that can be put in Low Pass, Band Pass or High Pass, 2 Envelope Generators, and 6 LFO's with each 6 wave shapes. I'm not sure but I actually think those are per SID engine. And you have 4 then (4 times stereo makes 8 voices). I can't wait to light this baby up :) I presume it will be real eye candy and nice on the ears :)

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