13 January 2010

Mr. Braska's Apollo Studio Experience (Part 4)

Today I showed Mr. Braska a bit more around in my studio. Here is Mr. Braska with the Elektor Formant that I'm repairing. He liked it a lot.

Then I showed mr. Braska my first modular DIY project. The PAIA 9700S Analog Modular Synthesizer. I build that long time ago already.

Then I showed him another project that I'm currently working on. This will become a MFOS 16 step sequencer. Mr. Braska was really pleased with all the leds :)

Then I told Mr. Braska that we had to stop the tour for today, because my furniture builder Gerrit was coming today to make some adjustments to my modular desk.

I explained that my Synthesizers.com Q960 sequencers didn't fit and we had to remove some pieces of wood to get them in. Mr. Braska started investigating this from the inside and confirmed that we were right.

And with this picture Mr. Braska has again reveiled a bit more of my modular desk :) Next time the Q960's will be in place and we will present the whole desk to you.

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