12 January 2010

Mr. Braska's Apollo Studio Experience (Part 3)

Here is the third part already of the mr. Braska Apollo Studio tour. Here you see a familiar sight to start with. Mr. Braska wanted to sit on top of this Yusynth Mixer module as well.

Then Mr. Braska said he would wire the Yusynth VCO module for me. Hmmmm.. Well look what happened. I don't think he is getting this done on his own. I think I will help him a bit ;)

And here is Mr. Baska applauding at the result of the final VCO. He didn't think it would ever happen anymore after his dissapointing experience.

After that we ran the finished VCO module through a Murf Moogerfrooger. Mr. Braska really loved that. Here you see him changing patterns on the Murf.

And to conclude this post mr. Braska reveals a bit more of my modular setup as promised. Not all of these modules are done yet. But they will be very soon.

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