22 January 2010

Yusynth (Part 23)

A very small Yusynth update. This morning I completed another 1U Yusynth AD/DC mixer module. Since I already did a post on this one I didn't think I would show how it is build again. One thing that is different though on this one is that I was out of 50K potmeters and I had a lot of 25K potmeters left. So I sent Yves an E-mail to ask if that was OK. And he responded that this would work fine. So I build it using these potmeters and it works great. In the picture you can see the 3 Yusynth mixer modules I build so far. The right on is the 2U version. I still have one PCB left to build another 2U version and I think I will do that since they will come in handy for sure. I just need to order another front panel for that one then.

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