26 January 2010

Accutronics Reverb Tanks

I got two Accutronics Reverb tanks from E-bay. They look brand new actually I thought they would be used. You can see one from the top and one from the bottom in the picture. As you can see there are two springs inside. So these are mechanical reverbs :) The signal is put on the spring on one end and is picked up again on the other end. The resonating of the spring itself makes the reverb effect. You need additional hardware to get these working. Basicly you need amplifiers. I'm going to build a Tellen Neural Agonizer around it that will do much more that that. The reverb tanks will be build into my modular cabinet. Look on this URL if you don't know the Neural Agonizer: http://www.tellun.com/motm/diy/tln156/TLN-156.html

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