07 January 2010

Bridechamber Multiples (Part 2)

This morning I finished the work on the first multiple panel. It is really kind of boring work. So I decided that I would keep it at one for today and start another project after that. I got a package from Mouser yesterday with a lot of missing pots for some unfinished projects. After finishing the multiple panel I did some simple tests to see if it worked like I anticipated. I used a couple of jack patch cables and a multimeter. First I inserted a patch cable in the first jack and the last. And they connected. Then I inserted another jack in one of the jacks that should break the circuit and that worked as well. So project finished. Later on I was just wondering if I wired it like Scott from Bridechamber did, but at least now it works like I would.

After testing I put it in place in my modular desk. Since yesterday I'm slowly putting some modules in place to think about the layout of the whole system. Here you can see the little black wood screws that I use to fasten the panels. I'm glad by the way that I didn't use larger screws. Some modules just barely overlap the wooden bar behind it and I already had some of the wood split with these small screws. But it is nice to finally see some modules in the desk. I will make a picture for you later on. Actually I already made one, but I wasn't satisfied with it. Not good enough for the blog. Well not much more exciting to tell about this panel. So I'm going to continue another project and then maybe later this week work on the other multiple panels.

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