09 January 2010

Yusynth (Part 19)

Today I was quite productive again. It is very cold outside here and snowing, so nice weather for DIY stuff :) I finished a Yusynth mixer module today. Yves made two versions actually. A 2U version and a 1U version. This is the 2U version. It can mix DC and/or AC signals. It has 4 inputs with level control, a general gain for the two outputs. One of the outputs is inverted by the way. And you also have a pot for DC bias. I think it is a very versatile module. It is quite straight forward again. Here you see the PCB with the wires attached and the front panel from the back.

And here is a picture with all the wires connected. I'm think it looks neat doesn't it? Well I used a 2 pot bracket from Bridechamber again for mounting the PCB. These things are so handy. After this I applied power and did the usual routine checks. All looked good and then I attached some input signals to it. One from the PC Function generator and another from a synthesizers. And it mixed alright. Nothing to calibrate at all on this module actually. It just works :) Then I played a bit with some DC signals and they added up as well. Nice for mixing CV signals I think.

And here is a picture of the finished module. The led in the middle lights up with the output signal. It is a nice kind of volume indicator. I designed the front panel on this module myself and it was made by Schaeffer like all the other front panels I made myself. Again if you would like to have the .fpd file just send my an E-mail. I like this module. I think I might actually make another one. I still have another PCB left, so it is not too much work. Only my modular setup is filling up quickly. So I have to look if I will have space left for it. I like the stuff that Yves makes a lot. It is all very clear and you can't really go wrong. I can highly recommend his stuff when you want to start with DIY youself. Just look at his website: http://www.yusynth.net/ and click on the left on 'Modular Project'


Pierre Serné said...

Very nice again, cool blog too.

...any plans on building the new Doepfer DIY-synth?
Info here: http://www.doepfer.de/pdf/NAMM_News_2010.pdf

Keep up the good work!

Synth.nl said...

Thanks. Also for the link on Doepfer. That is nice they are going into DIY. Very interesting.