01 February 2010

Klee Sequencer (Part 5)

In the mean time I also worked a bit more on the Klee Sequencer. I started with the wiring of the PCB's. I chose again to hard wire everything like before. In the picture on the left you can see the first wires I put it. It are the wires that interconnect the Analog and the Digital PCB. I used tie-wraps to tidy up the bundles and since I liked the all white wiring I did on the Oakley modules I decided to go for all white for the rest of the wiring on the Klee Sequencer as well. Looks neat doesn't it?

After that I started with the wiring of the switches. I bundled the wires below the ground loop that I made before. This way they keep nicely in place. I had a long look at the wiring before I started because there is a lot of wiring and I don't want it to be a mess later on. Since these switches are off the type on-off-on it doesn't matter which side is which. The wiring is put on the center connection while the other connections are wires together with blank wire on both sides

Next up was the wiring of the rotary switch. I made a new bundle of wires for this one, but followed the same patch as the wiring for the switches to save space. On the rotary switch wire 1 went on the common connection and the other wires on 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 leaving 1 blank. This gives 8 options in total. I found out that one of the disadvantages of white wire is that if you put your solder iron on it too long it turns brown quickly near the solder point. So you have to be quick. I finally. I though this was a nice close-up shot. I should do more of those :)

And then I started on the wiring of the potmeters. I wired the first 8 from the lower side and the other 8 from the upper side. Again to save space on both sides and off course because it looks nicer to keep the circular pattern. As you can see there are quite some wires in place already, but I guess I'm about half way now. So lots more to come. But there is still a lot of space left so I guess I will be able to manage to get everything in. I still have to wire all the leds, jacks and the rest of the switches. The loose black wire you see on the bottom is the analog ground. That wire will go on the PCB later on as well. I hope I will have time soon to work on it some more. I still can't wait to fire it up. I'll keep you posted on the progress.


fonitronik said...

you're wiring job is great, man. and not using crimp connectors for this project just proves your experience and your confidence in your outstanding craftmanship.

Synth.nl said...

Thank you very much. But let's see first if it works later on :)