04 January 2010

AVRSynth 32 (Part 5)

Today I worked a bit on the AVRSynth 32 again. Unfortunately my daughter really lost interest in this project now. I explained to her what had to be done to wire the front panel components on the PCB and she couldn't really understand. Now is the documentation not very easy on this. So I can imagine she didn't get it. So I started this job on my own. Here you see a picture with all the wiring in place to interconnect the front panel components. Basically a 5 Volt and ground line on all the pots and 4 groups of switches that share a common bus line later on. So far so good.

Here you see a picture of the flat cable that runs to the PCB. This was a lot more complicated. 40 wires that you need to connect to the right place and only wire 1 is red and the red is gray :) I counted and recounted a lot of times to make sure that I had the right wire. Even even then I made a mistake. I cut a wire short that I had to extend later on. I also did some cross checks with the schematic so that I could check the right connection to the PCB. After these checks I was quite convinced it should be OK. Time to apply the power to do the famous Magic Smoke test.

And luckily no smoke :) Nothing got warm so I started to measure the power on the components. All looked well on there as well. I used a lab power supply with a very restricted current setting to be sure I couldn't short circuit anything. After this I removed the PCB again from the case. I remembered that I still had to solder an extra resistor on the bottom of the PCB. And I also still had the extra capacitor. I decided not to mount that one. I think it is only necessary with the other crystal option. But I'm not sure. I can always solder it in there. It won't break anything I'm sure. Well at least I have a working power led now :) Further more I only looked at some digital signals and it seems that the clock is running. I see activity on the data lines. Next thing is to attach some Midi and audio and do some testing.

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