06 January 2010

Bridechamber Multiples (Part 1)

In a modular setup you often need to patch the output of a module to more inputs of other modules. So you need to split up the signal. To do that you can use 'multiples'. They are actually just a bunch of jack connectors wired together. So they are completely passive. The only problem is that sometimes you need a pair of 4 sometimes more. Bridechamber sells some multiple panels that are actually very flexible. In total you have 32 jacks in rows of 4. Each row is connected to each other, but is also normalized to the next row. If you insert a jack though in the first jack of the row, this connection is broken. So you can determine how the multiple works by inserting jacks in a certain place.

As you can see in the picture above mr. Braska was supervising my work on the mutiples. I started with the wiring of the ground signals. Those are all just interconnected. You can't see them so well in this picture, because I used black wire for it. I'm using yellow wire for the signal path. I think mr. Braska was a bit bored by this work. It looks like he fell asleep :) Well was tired as well and stopped for today. Tomorrow I will continue work on this little project and after that I need to make 2 more. So I don't have to be bored. Ah well I never am actually :)

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