30 January 2010

Yusynth (Part 24)

I got my packege from Mouser last week including the 1M log potmeters I ordered. So today I finished the two Yusynth modules that I needed those for. They are envelope generator modules actually of the ADSR type (Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release). They most common type actually I think. I designed the front panels for these ones myself again and they were produced by Schaeffer. Like always just let me know if you want the .fpd files for Front Panel Express. I used a two pot bracket from Bridechamber.

Today my youngest daughter helped me assembling these modules. She is actually quite good with the small work. She cut some of the wires, put most of the tie-wraps on and she screwed on all the bolts and nuts. Not the easiest job actually. She is only 6 years old and she was clearly enjoying spending the afternoon with dad this way. It look like she is much more patient than my oldest daughter actually. She is easily distracted and then just walks away after a while. I tried to explain to the youngest one though what this module did, but she didn't really understand.

Then I hooked one of the Envelope Generators to a VCO so she could hear what happens with the pitch. As you can see in the picture on the left there is a red push button on the module the will manually trigger the envelope. Then I explained what all the knobs do and after that she got it I think. Well these modules are actually quite easy to build and work very efficient. No calibration whatsoever is needed. Just build them and they do what they are supposed to do. There are two outputs on the module by the way. A normal (positive) output and also an inverted (negative) output. And that makes it also quite versatile. I'm actually thinking in building two more of these since ADSR's come in handy everywhere. But I don't have any more PCB's, so I'll have to make those first.

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