07 January 2010

Mr. Braska's Apollo Studio Experience (Part 1)

As you could have read before mr. Braska is a very famous Synthfrog that visits DIY synth studio's all over the world. The coming days I'll be showing him around in my studio. And do a little report about it once in a while on this blog.

Here is mr. Braska approving the drum module I build from the Thomas Henry Electronics Drums Cookbook on Breadboard.

Then I showed him the inside of the AVRSynth 32 from Elby Designs that I build together with my daughter. He was holding some wires for me here while I run some more tests on it.

Then we played some music on the AVRSynth 32. As you can see mr. Braska was clearly enjoying it and relaxing by it.

The last thing we did was play around with the Velleman PC oscilloscope and Function Generator that I recently build. Mr. Braska liked this very much.

Well that covers it for today. After this first little tour I resumed work on my project while mr. Braska watched me and did some little naps when it was becoming boring. I'll put up some more pictures soon :)

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