17 May 2012

Ripping FLAC and MP3 for new Download Shop

As you might have read before, I'm currently building a new web shop for my record label Groove Unlimited. I'm in the process of finalizing and testing now together with Ron Boots. From this new shop Groove will sell all my music as CD's but also as downloads. At the moment you can already buy my music on other places as MP3, but new will be that they will be also available as FLAC. This is a loss-less compression that assures that what you get is exactly the same as it is on the CD's. So you will get full quality including all the artwork from me. At the moment I'm ripping all my CD's to FLAC and MP3 and listening to all the tracks to make sure they are perfect. I hope we will have the webshop online very soon. I'll let you know when there is news of course!

AeroDynamics almost out of Stock

Just like I announced previously for my second CD AtmoSphere from 2008, my debut CD AeroDynamics is also almost out of stock. There are only a couple of copies left. AtmoSphere was reprinted recently and I presume Ron will do the same for AeroDynamics, but I'm not entirely sure about that, since we are also working on the Download Shop now. It is up to him. But of course it is nicer to have a physical copy from the very first batch I guess :) If you don't have this CD yet do take a listen. It is a bit different from my current work, but some people still consider it to be my best. You can find more information on AeroDynamics on http://www.synth.nl/AeroDynamics. You can also listen to a few samples there.

New Synth.nl Facebook Page

Recently I opened a new page on Facebook for Synth.nl. You will find all articles that I posted about my music, my studio or synthesizers on here. You can also find older articles and things that other people write about me. You can find the new page on http://www.facebook.com/Synth.nl. Please note that everything that is posted here that is not related to Synth.nl will be removed. If you are on Facebook you can also send me a friend request on my personal page http://www.facebook.com/mvosenbruggen if you like. If you don't have (or want) Facebook there are of course other ways to stay in touch as well. Read all about them here: http://www.synth.nl/contact

06 May 2012

Back from Denmark with Ron Boots and Families

We just got back from a great week on holiday together with Ron Boots and both our families. We rented a house in Borkhavn in Denmark for a week and we all enjoyed ourselves very much. We had a lot of luck with the weather over there. A lot of sunshine and no rain. We even got sunburn when we visited the Legoland park. Next to the little trips we took over there and the nice dinners and lunches, we also made a lot of new music. In the picture you can see the temporary studio we created in the living room, were we played a lot together. Ron is playing the Korg Kronos and I was playing the Clavia Nord Wave. We recorded everything on my notebook even though Ron brought his notebook too. I had a listen back to the music and I think the outcome is really interesting and very different from what we played on 'Refuge en Verre' last time.

Here is another nice picture of Ron and me that we took on one of the trips. The nature around Borkhavn is really great and you can even encounter a lot of wildlife. We had a really close encounter by the way with 6 deers that crossed the road when we were driving about 100 Km/h. We had to break very hard not to hit them. Quite a scary experience I can tell you. From now on we are going to take these 'animal crossing' warning signs seriously ;) Back home now I'm going to see if I can open all the Cakewalk projects on my studio PC and I guess Ron and me will be starting by selecting some tracks from the stuff we played for release consideration. We really have a lot, so we can be selective. I'll visit Ron next week to listen to it all and then we will decide what will happen with it. But my feeling is that we have enough good stuff for a CD release. But of course it is a collaboration project, so it is not only up to me. I'll let you know when we made a decision on this matter. Now back to my normal life :)

05 May 2012

E-Day 2012 Aftermath

Some days just fly by like they happened in a blink of an eye. E-Day 2012 was one of those days. I planned to do so much, but eventually I spend the whole day talking to a lot of people and even missed the first two concerts because of that. The only downside was that I mostly talked to people that already have all my music, so I only sold 2 CD's during the whole day, but well the talks were nice and at least I could tell those people that there is new music on the way. I told them that the collaboration CD with Remy is planned for October (if we make it) so that next time I'll have something new on my stall at E-live. And I also told them that I was going to leave for Denmark the next day on a holiday together with Ron Boots and both our families and some synthesizers, so something new might come out of that as well.Thanks to Remy Stroomer by the way for the picture :) I'll update you soon on the weekend with Ron Boots.