09 January 2010

Yusynth (Part 20)

I told you I had been busy today ;) I made two more modules actually. I also made a 1U version of the Yusynth AD/DC mixer. You can see it in the picture from the back. I will show the front later. I also build another Yusynth VCA. Since I already reported about that one in a previous post, I don't think it adds much value to show it again. I kind of made a copy of it so you can also look in the previous post ;) I used a Yusynt LFO module to test it. I reported about the spike in the signal that I saw. Unfortunately when used on this VCA module it is audible. Apparently the VCA is very very quick.

And here is the mixer module from the front. As you can see this 1U version has only 3 inputs and no Gain and DC Bias pots. The PCB is actually the same only with some components left of. So when you make this PCB you can choose whether to make the 1U or 2U version that I showed in the previous post. Again there is no calibrating to be done. I only tested it with two AC signals this time from the PC function generator and another from a synthesizer. It all worked fine. I also designed this front panel As you can see I put the led in another place to balance the design out a bit.

I mounted the two VCA's in the cabinet. Starts to look great in the mean time :) On the right on the two VCA's you can see the multiple panel that I build. On the left are two ADSR front panels for modules that I didn't build yet. I actually ordered the wrong potmeters for them. They should have been 1M logarithmic but I ordered linear by mistake. In the next round I'll order the right ones and the linear ones will be necessary somewere soon for sure. I also still have to build some Yusynth VCO's. I already build a couple of PCB's and I have 1 front panel. I'm very curious how it sounds, so I guess I should start with it soon. But I also have a lot of other stuff laying around. A while you have to make choices in your life right? :)

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