15 July 2012

Groove Download Shop Recommendations

Hi by now Ron Boots has added all Groove Products in the new download shop both as MP3 and FLAC. It is nice to see that everything works perfectly and people are ordering their favorite music. Of course you know you can buy my music there, but there is much more nice music in there. I thought it would be nice to share some of my personal favorite Groove titles with you. These are albums that I personally like and you can get them in an instance when you want. In no particular order:
  • Ron Boots - Acoustic Shadows (mp3, flac)
  • Gert Emmens - A Boy's World (mp3, flac)
  • Eric van der Heijden - Da Capo (mp3, flac)
  • Nattefrost - Underneath the Night Sky (mp3, flac)
  • Johan Timman - Trip into the Body (mp3, flac)
We also added two new buttons in the menu on the left that take you instantly to the new FLAC and MP3 products.  Go and have a look on https://shop.groove.nl

09 July 2012

Garden Party 2012 Report

Recently I visited the Garden Party in Hamm Germany that was organized by the crew of Electronic Circus. It is one of the nicest event in the year I think. Very cozy and a very informal atmosphere whith a BBQ, drinks and some Electronic Music. This year I also had another job. Some of the artists (like Glenn Main in the picture on the left) were traveling light and asked me to bring some equipment for them. I brought my Roland GAIA for Glenn and also my Yamaha AN1X for Rene Splinter.

In the picture on the right you see Rene Splinter playing and my AN1X on the bottom. Also Stephan Schällmann used my synths in his performance as TAX5. They all played a very nice concert that I enjoyed a lot. Normally I like to  stay late on these kind of events but around 23:00 I got really tired and decided to drive back. This was maybe a bad idea and I could better have looked for a hotel. I still had a 2 hour drive a head of me and I really struggled to stay awake on the way back. Actually it was a bit dangerous. So next time I really should arrange for a hotel.

But besides that I really enjoyed this years event again to the fullest. The weather was great, people were nice and the food was good. If you never visited this event I'd really recommend you to put it on your calendar for next year. I want to thank the Electronic Circus crew for organizing such a great event. I'd also like to thank Phil Booth for providing these pictures. I seem to always forget to take pictures. OK next event will be the Electronic Circus in Gütersloh Germany on the 22th of September 2012. Also a great event not to be missed. Maybe I'll see you there :)

Docking Fan Video

Here is a very nice video that Rob made. Enjoy it and give him some credits :)

07 July 2012

New Groove Unlimited Download Shop with FLACs !!

I have some great news. It has taken a lot of work, but the new Groove Unlimited Download Shop is open!!! At this moment you can already buy a lot of titles as MP3 and FLAC and Ron Boots is very busy filling up the shop with even more titles. But at this moment all my Synth.nl albums are already in there and you can buy them as 256 kbit/s CBR MP3 or in the Full Quality Lossless FLAC format. FLAC is a compression method that doesn't alter the audio at all so you get the same quality as the CD but cheaper and no shipping costs etc. All the artwork for all my albums is included and I have personally checked all the audio files. You can pay by Ideal (bank transfer), PayPal and major credit cards via PayPal at the moment. Soon also Mastercard, Visa and American Express will be directly available, but we are still waiting for the payment provider to get the contracts in order. We didn't want to wait for this to put the site online though. When your order is complete and payed you will receive an E-mail with the download link directly and you can listen right away! As you might have read before I have build this web shop for Groove Unlimited and I'm very proud that it is finally online. So go have a look and buy some nice stuff :) Groove Unlimited deserves some reward as well for all the hard work I guess in ripping all the CD's and making them available for you in this very easy way ;) So go over now to https://shop.groove.nl and look around!

Adobe Edge and HTML5 Video Project

I did another project with Adobe Edge. This time I made an animation that shows my video projects on the first page of http://www.osenbruggen.nl. When you click an icon a HTML5 YouTube player pops up. You can click next to it to close the video. I hope that is clear enough by the way. I hope you like it. I plan to do the same thing on the rest of the website, but it is a lot of work so that can take some time :) I also changed the menu of the website to make more room for this animation. I guess the website will be a work in progress for a while. I tested the animation on Firefox, Explorer, Safari and Chrome and also on an Ipad and an Android tablet. It seems to work even though on an Ipad the auto start of the video doesn't work. Well please let me know if you encounter any problems. Go to the website to see it: http://www.osenbruggen.nl

02 July 2012

First Adobe Edge Experiment on Synth.nl website

Today I also did my first little animation in Adobe Edge. Edge is a new product that is still in preview stage. It outputs animations using HTML5 technology, so it works without the use of Flash and it is supported by all modern browsers now. In the background it uses also JQuery JavaScript libraries. I'm starting to test with this since more and more people use mobile devices that don't support Flash and even Adobe seems to be abandoning Flash on the long run. You can help me by letting me know if it worked for you. If not please let me know which operating system and browser you are using. You should see the albums on the top of the screen on my main website http://www.synth.nl/ animating on. And you should be able to click them to go to the album pages. There is still a Flash mp3 player on these pages, but I plan to find an alternative for that as well in the future. If you are interested in Adobe Edge you can still download the test version for free from Adobe Labs for now. I also centered all the YouTube objects by the way to make the website better looking on Ipads.

New Osenbruggen Productions Webdesign

The last few days I did a lot of work updating my Osenbruggen Productions website. I redid the header with a background image that I made in Vue 10. So it is not a photograph, but a computer rendered image. The rest was done in Cinema 4D. I also did a lot of work on the menus so now it is easier to click through all the images and animations on the website. I'm still looking for some nice jobs for 3D animations work by the way ;) I hope you like the new design. You can find the website on http://www.osenbruggen.nl

EarthRise in Astreaux World Top 10

Today I received a Twitter that the song 'EarthRise' from my recent 'Apollo' album made the Top 10 listener votes on the radio station Astreaux World. It is nice to see that people are still playing this release on the radio :) I was just talking last weekend during the Swingungen Garden Party in Hamm Germany that it is amazing how much music is released and how quickly people forget about it again. I want to thank Astreaux World for the airplay and of course the listeners for voting! a 9.5 is a nice score :) Thanks!