17 January 2010

Mr. Braska's Apollo Studio Experience (Part 5)

And here is another episode of the Mr. Braska Apollo Studio Tour. I wanted to show Mr. Braska my latest DIY project. The MB-6582 Midibox synthesizer.

I explained to Mr. Braska that this synthesizer will run on 8 SID sound chips coming from old Commodore 64's and he wanted to see them. Here you see Mr. Braska drewling on them. I think he fell in love again! Frogger memories?

Then I asked Mr. Braska if he wanted to help me wire another module. But then he saw the wires and he covered his eyes and started screaming. So I guess not :) Bad dreams about the cable mash he was in last week I guess.

But when the MFOS stereo mixer module was ready he seamed to enjoy it. He was slinging acros the wires like a little green Tarzan :)

And as promised mr. Braska reveils the whole of my modular desk. Can you still spot Mr. Braska? :) As said before all the modules with knobs on them are finished. The rest is still work in progress but I'm finishing up a lot of stuff soon. As you can see the synthesizers.com Q960 sequencers are also in place now.

And the worst news is that the desk is even too small. We will start building some extensions to it soon since I need to harness some more modules that I plan to build in the near future. OK enough Mr. Baska for today. I'll do one more final post soon to close this serie of.


Mary-Cat said...

I don't think Mr. Braska will want to leave - he is having so much fun! Yes, I found him....so small next to your console. It is HUGE, compared to Mr. Braska, and also to your monitor, and keyboard. Thank you for showing us how you make and use your equipment, and all the work that is involved, even before you start to compose your beautiful music. It is nice to see where and how the ideas and concepts in your head and heart, become actual musical pieces. Much appreciated Michel.

Synth.nl said...

Hi. Well I'm going to kick him out soon anyway :) But this is just a part of the studio. I will show mr. Braska the rest of the studio next week in a final tour.

bauke van der wal said...

do you have a day-time job next to all this? :-)

greets from utrecht.

Synth.nl said...

Yes I do :)

bauke van der wal said...

in that case i am double impressed ;-)