23 January 2010

The Hip Bass Drum (Part 2)

It has been an long time ago already that I build this Hip Bass Drum module on an experiment PCB. It was lying around in my backlog stack with all these potmeters and wires sticking out all the time and I already had a front panel lying around for a while as well. So this morning I decided to create some order in the chaos. First I untangled all the wires and mounted the pot meters to the front panel. And I drilled some holes in the PCB to mount it on a Bridechamber 3 pot bracket. Still looks like a mess? Well this was a picture AFTER I tidied up ;)

Then I started desoldering the wires one by one from the potmeters. Then cut them on the correct length and soldered them back. When doing this one by one you can't go wrong. Then I used some tie-wraps to tidy up some more. And doesn't that look a lot better? I'm quite happy with the result. Well there are two things left to you. You can see the orange loose wires over the rotary switch. I have to solder some 1N4148 diodes on there, but I was out of those. And I still need to create a manual drum trigger circuit for the push button I installed on the front panel.

Speaking of which. Here is the module seen from the front. I didn't mount the knobs on yet since I still have work to do on the module and I don't want them to get damaged. I also still need to shorten the shaft of the rotary switch. After I got this far I decided to first go and test if it still worked. And it did. Luckily I got all the potmeters in the right place and I added two more even on the front panel to control the volume of the two outputs. I had room left on the front panel anyway. So I figured why not use this space for something that might come in handy later on. Next thing I need to do now I look for a little schematic of a manual drum trigger. It should output a single short 5 Volt pulse and it must be connected to the normal trigger input at the same time. I'll let you know when I have something. And please let me know when you have something like this.

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