05 September 2009

Studio Leak

Last night I was working with my friend Hans on some track for my upcoming album. Suddenly Hans heard a sound he couldn't place in the song. We stopped the song and we still heard it. We found the source quickly. Unfortunately it was water dripping from the ceiling on the floor :( I had a leak before in the server room but that was repair so this looked like a new leak. But the first thing we did was get some material to catch the water. Luckily is was only over the carpet just in front of the modular desk in the back of my studio. So no equipment was wet.

At first the water appeared to be coming from this whole. It is a ventilation channel where air is being pumped out of the room. But when we removed the cover that is over it normally we saw the water was coming from just next to the hole and later we found also that on the places water was dripping straight from the ceiling. We decided to stop working because I was quite pissed of at the moment actually and couldn't concentrate anymore. I had a bad night sleep as well since I went down stairs a couple of time to check what the status was. But it kept dripping all night.

I looked in the server room as well and found that there were also some drops of water coming from the hole that caused the leakage last time. So I immediately concluded that the repairs that have been done last time we had a leak were not sufficient. I called the constructor this morning and told him the bad news. They will come by next week to tear down the wall again :( I hope that until then it stays a bit dry. I can't go anywhere now when I know it is going to rain, because we have seen before that the water comes out on different places every time. And I need to take precautions where something happens. This afternoon I also had an unexpected power fail downstairs. So I'm afraid some water hit some electric wiring :( I hope this gets solved quickly.

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