30 August 2009

Surprise Release 'SynthWelle' on SchallPlatte XI

Yesterday I visited the Grill Fest that the German music club Schallwende organizes every year. Traditionally they also release a yearly sampler CD there. This year it was already the 11th version of that so it is called Schallplatte XI. Last year I was on it as well with a cover of a classical tune. This year they invited all the price winners and nominees from the Electronic Music price they organized last year to send in a track. I was nominated in two categories last year, best newcomer and best CD, but unfortunately I didn't win both. But I'm still very proud to be on this CD with some great other artists. This year there was no theme or assigned so I just made a track out of the blue with no specific theme in my mind either

I listened to the entire CD yesterday evening and I must say it is very pleasant. When you click on the picture on the right you can see the track list. Unfortunately this CD is not for sale. Only the members of Schallwende get this one. So if you want it I guess you can become a member. More information is on their website -> http://www.schallwen.de/. They have a nice magazine and also organize very nice event throughout the year to keep the Electronic Music scene alive. Well I did put my track on my website so that you can listen to it. You can find it here:


I hope you like it :) I think it is a nice warm up for my upcoming album. Do enjoy!

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