27 September 2009

OceanoGraphy Mastering Done

Last night I did another listening session with my friend Hans in my studio to spot some final adjustments and today we finished the mastering of my upcoming 'OceanoGraphy' album in Ron's studio. Hans was present today as well. We only re-recorded one track in the end and decided that it was good now. After that we did the leveling of all the tracks on the CD. Now they all sound as loud as the other ones and after that we made three CD copies of the end result. During the next days we will all listen to this CD carefully and report anything we think. So it could be that some minor adjustments in levels still can be made, but the tracks are musically done, the sound of the project is final and we didn't hear anything strange anymore. So the end is really in sight now :) In the picture you see my copy of the CD and also my Sennheiser HD650 headphones that I used during these last weeks and my USB transport disk to get the large files from my studio to Ron's studio. Now I need to work more on the text of the booklet. Time is running out for that as well.

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