25 September 2009

Synthesizers used on OceanoGraphy

Usually after the CD is finished people start asking me what synthesizers I used and most of the time I have to say that I don't remember. Personally I don't think it is very important information since it is the end result that counts, but apparently for a lot of you it does matter. So I tried to remember a little harder this time and also could recollect some information from the notes that I kept with my project this time. So here is the list:

Moog Minimoog Model-D, Moog Voyager RME, Roland Jupiter 8, Elka Synthex, DSI Prophet '08, Alesis Andromeda, Roland SH-09, Roland SH-5, Access Virus TI Polar, Roland V-Synth GT, Korg M3, Clavia Nord Wave, Anywhere Instruments Semtex XL, Cwejman S1 MKII, Analogue Solutions Red Square and maybe some more that I don't remember. If I think of something more I'll add it to this list. Good luck spotting them on the album later on :)

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