08 September 2009

Remote Recording with Tranzport

As you know I have lots of synthesizers and even though they are all midi connected to my PC and I can play on them from my master midi keyboard on some synthesizer it is just nicer to play on it directly, because of the expression you can give on them with the controls on the synthesizer itself. But then you are not near your PC to start recording. For that I use this little gizmo. It is called a Frontier Tranzport and it is a wireless DAW controller. You can use it anywhere in the studio to start/stop recording arm, solo and mute tracks en there is also an undo button on there. You can can record the solo remotely and when you are not happy just undo and record again. You can even see VU meters on the display for your track level, the name and some parameters so it is two way communication. My friend Hanz told me that they are going to stop producing this thing so I would say get one before it is too late. It is not very expensive and I couldn't work without it.

In this picture you can see how small it actually is. You can littelary put it on top of almost any synthesizer. On the other side is a wireless transmitter that you can just plug into your PC and the drivers are the most stable ones I have ever encountered. There is support for a lot of software. It works perfectly with Sonar at least. In the picture you see the V-Synth GT on top. I used this synthesizer to play some of the leads on the new album. So you will hear this on back for sure :) Look on this page when you are interested in the Tranzport:


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