15 September 2009

Electronic Circus 2009 Report

Last weekend I visited the Electronic Circus festival in Bielefeld with my friend Hans. It was nice to get out for a few days in these stressy last days in the studio before the release of my album. We had a bit of trouble on the way there since an accident happened just in front of us on the highway and we had to wait until the road was cleared. We unfortunately missed the concert from fellow Dutch man Meesha that you see in the picture next to me. We heard it was very good. Well we had a stall next to each other so we talked a bit there.

Since I had this stall we didn't go in the concert hall much. Luckily you can also hear the music that is playing inside in this area. The atmosphere is great on this festival. Many musicians to talk to and nice music playing on stage. And luckily I also sold some CD's even :) We also went out to eat in a Turkish restaurant. The same place we went last year. It was so good then that we actually waited for a long time to get a table. But it was worth it again. In the picture you see a bit of the area where all the stand are, but there is much more.

I think this is the nice thing about this festival. You can listen to music all day and actually listen to music. Here you see me talking to Frank Gerben one of the organizers. I think they did a great job again and if they organize another festival next year I will surely go, and so should you ;) Well thanks to everyone for a great time and also a special thanks to Thomas Wilberg Photography for the pictures. For more information on the festival visit the website ->

The next festival I'll be attending will be the E-live festival on the 17th of October where my new CD will be released. So you can get it there directly from me if you like. For more information on that festival visit -> http://e-live.groove.nl/

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