18 September 2009

Backing up OceanoGraphy

I still can't find much time to update you on here. But since my friend Hans is coming tonight for another session in my studio, I'm taking it easy today. I don't want to be tired and stressed when we even have to start working yet. I only have one week left before the mastering of the CD starts and I'm really starting to get stressed and tired now. In this period with no time for recovery anymore I'm always very careful with the data of my project. So I'm backup up a lot. The Cakewalk Project of the album is now already 41 Gbytes big and still growing since I keep adding stuff and start recording audio from tracks I played from synths with midi before. Here you can see my storage arrays. There are three Intel RAID-5 systems, one Conceptronic RAID-1 and a NetGear ReadyNAS NVX. The last one is new and now my main storage device, but I make backups on the other ones from there. I use them also for my work by the way, not only for my music. All the data is also on a RAID-1 system on my audio PC itself. So I don't take any risks here. Next week I'll start rendering the tracks and bus outputs of my project to WAV files to that Ron Boots from Groove Unlimited can remix and master them. I'll explain more about that process later on.

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