06 September 2009

UPS in the Server Room works!

I told you yesterday that I had a small power outage. I was actually recording for my new album at that precise moment. And even though the lights went out my equipment didn't. Recently I put the whole studio behind a bigger UPS. It is a 6 KVA and can deliver power enough to keep the whole studio running for about half an hour when the power fails. And that gives me enough time to finish an ongoing recording, safely save my files and shut everything down correctly when it lasts longer. And yesterday it proved to work. The 6 KVA unit are the two bigger ones stacked together in the rack in the picture. The lower is the battery pack and the upper the intelligence. Below that you see another UPS that feeds the rack itself. Another neat thing about the big Tripplite is that it is an online UPS. So it produces a clean new power for my studio. A newly generated sinus wave without any noise from the outside power grid and also I put the Voltage down to 220 Volts in stead of 230-240 Volts we have nowadays since I have a lot of old equipment that is from the 70's that could be damaged or its lifespan shortened with a higher power.

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