18 September 2009

Modular DIY Preparation

After my album is released on the 17th I'll be continuing to finish my studio (yes I still have work to do) and I'll will start working on my DIY modular project again. I'm really looking forward to that, since I did a lot of stuff already but when I was just about to test some stuff the work on constructing the studio started and when that was finished I had to start on my album. So it has been a long time ago since I worked on that project. One of the things I noticed is that I didn't have enough light on my modular desk to solder properly so I bought this new lamp. It is a TL so it gives bright white light and I can adjust it to be just over my workspace. Also there is a magnifying glass on it to see what I'm doing when I have to do really small stuff.

I also ordered some stuff the last months that I also need for the big modular project. To start with I bought two power supply kits from MOTM. One has only +12V and -12V and the other one has +12V, -12V and also +5V. Some modules need this. I also ordered some power distribution boards for inside the cabinet. This way it is easy to get the power everywhere I need it. I thought there was more work to be done on the power supply kits, but it looks like it is only wiring it to the frontpanel components and fitting it on there.

In the picture on the left you can see the front panels that came with it. Just a switch and a power connector on there actually. I probably will need one or two more power supplies later on to power the whole modular, but for now I have enough to start with and I also still have the lab power supplies that I can use in addition. I'll start by testing the modular on the lab power supplies anyway since they are short circuit proof ;) Just in case something is wrong with the electronics I build. I just have to figure out a neat way to get power to the front of the units.

I also bought some other stuff. Here you see some new PCB's. I'm planning to build a MFOS sequencer and also a Klee sequencer from Electro-music.com. For the Klee sequencer I also got a front panel from Bride Chamber and hopefully they will have a front panel soon for the MFOS sequencer. From Elby Designs I ordered the front panel components for the ASM-2 I'm building. So I don't think I have to be bored the coming period :) Of course I'll update you with nice pictures (and hopefully some sounds) during the construction of all this nice equipment. As said before I can't wait to start working again on this. And hopefully relax a but during the process. I really need it!

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