18 September 2009

Working on OceanoGraphy Artwork and Text

Next to working on the music for the project I'm also working with my friend Bart on the design of the rest of the artwork. The cover was already done, but there is more work to be done for the booklet of the CD. We used the whale picture from the cover as much as possible. First of all I love and and next to that I have to pay royalties for it since it is a commercial photograph so I better use it as much as I can then ;) In the mean time I'm also working on the text of the booklet. I got Photoshop files now from Bart that I will sent to Kees from Groove Unlimited who will finally put my text in the booklet and send it to to company that produces the CD and the booklet. I hope it will look as good on print as it does on my screen. That is always a bit scary since RGB colors on a computer screen are a bit different than the CMYK colors a printer uses. I'll start putting some of the text on my website soon as well so that you know what the tracks are about.

By now all 12 tracks are ready in melody and arrangement. So the final track lengths are also known. You can see them in the picture on the right and also on my website now. The total CD length will be just over 70 minutes so there is a lot for you to listen to later on. Kees from Groove will also put some more text on these images, like copyright notices etc. But I still like the WWF logo on the back. I'll write some more about my relationship with the WWF in the text of the booklet as well. So there is lots to read as well later on :)
OK that is enough updates for today I guess. I better get back to work. The clock is ticking and time is really running out on me. Wish me luck :)

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