09 September 2009

Leak repaired (Again?) Hopefully

Yesterday our constructor came by to demolish our wall again. This time he exposed more are around the leak so that there was more room for a decent repair. We are very afraid that last time it just wasn't enough to completely fix it. I was a bit scared this afternoon because they did remove the old repair but the guy that was going to repair the waterproof materiaal didn't arrive yet and it started to rain a bit. But luckily it was only a few drops. And on the end of the afternoon this guy arrived. Here you can see him burning to surface clean that he needs to put on the repair.

In the picture on the right you can clearly see that a much bigger patch was put over the leak this time. The guy that repaired it was very careful to put enough heat on it but not to burn the house. Last time he thought he was to careful not to overheat. Behind the wall is isolation material that can catch fire very easily so this time he also brought a fire extinguisher :) Well luckily our house didn't burn down ;) We will leave the hole open now longer to wait for a couple of rain showers before we close the wall again. Just to be sure it doesn't leak again.

I made a final close-up shot of the repair. You can clearly see now that the material has melted good around the edges. Last time I didn't see this happening actually. So I'm quite confident now that no water can go in there at all. And when we have another leak maybe we should look in another spot I guess. Well I hope that is not necessary and that we can keep our feet (and equipment) dry from now on. If something changes I'll let you know for sure. Now back to some other stuff again :) I'm done with this.

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