25 September 2009

First Oceanography Mastering Session

The last two days I was in the Studio of Ron Boots of Groove Unlimited. As said before he is remixing and mastering the CD for me. In terms of remixing we didn't do much. Only in two tracks a minor mix adjustment was done. Just 1dB of the bass line of one track and another dB of the kick drum of another track. Here you see an old picture of his mix desk and PMC speakers he uses to mix on. It was nice that this time it all sounded much better right away than when we mixed my previous album.

On the right is another old picture but it shows the mastering equipment that was uses on the tracks. The most important piece is a Drawmer multiband compressor. Ron does more magic with the sound but for the larger part I don't really know what happens in the technical sense but the sound really freshen up and gets more depth and detail. And that is a good thing of course. So are we done yet? No. Tonight I'm going to my friend Hans to listen to the result of mastering and then I can make some adjustments. After that I will do another final session with Ron to finalize the CD. I had a nice time with Ron those two days and I'm looking forward to finalizing this project. Just a few more days and then I can finally take some rest :)

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