10 September 2009

Culture Vulture on Lead Sound

Last week I was tired of sitting it the studio and needed to go out. So I took the car for a ride and eventually visited I4 Muzique in Eindhoven. That is one of the two shops that I buy my equipment from in The Netherlands. I just also went there to see what was new. But not much on that side. But one of the things I spotted was this Culture Vulture which is a very cool tube distortion. It can be very hard but it can also be very subtle. One of my musical friends Bart has one of these and he had some very neat stuff coming from it. So I asked if I could try it out, and they agreed.

And then last week I was working on a lead for one of the tracks of my new album and I couldn't get it right in the mix. I decided to put a tube distortion plugin on it and it work, but not exactly like I wanted to. And the I decided to hook up the Culture Vulture. I put a very ingenious device under it as you can see to tilt it up a bit ;) That way I could look on the VU meters a bit better. Man this thing is very touchy, but when I got it setup right it was worth it all the way. What a nice piece of equipment. It makes almost everything sound better that you run through it :) So I must add this one to my wish list I'm afraid. But the lead sound is going to be recorded with Culture Vulture for sure :) So you will hear it on the album later on.

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Anonymous said...

Cool! Tubes Rock!

Groetjes, CM. :-)