22 September 2009

OceanoGraphy music is finished

I have finished the music for my new OceanoGraphy album by now. I surely hope you will like it later on, since I've put in an enormous amount of work. I'm now very busy with the last minor mix adjustments and I'm exporting all the tracks and buses from my Sonar projects to separate WAV files. I promised to explain a bit more on this process. Tomorrow I will go to Ron Boots from Groove Unlimited to do the first mastering session in his studio. He can load these WAV files into his software and run them through his dedicated mastering equipment from his mixer. Usually it is necessary to adjust the mix also a bit then since for example a multi-band compressor and tube compressor alter the sound a bit. Ron has been doing this for over 20 years and knows what he is doing. Sometimes he also applies a bit of extra EQ on the tracks to make the overal sound over the album more equal and the same goes for the level of the tracks. So Ron's job really is the make the album sound even more as a whole story. He did this also on my two other albums and I think he did a fine job on there. Oh and in the picture you can see how I was working the last months or so day and night.

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