07 January 2009

Synth.nl played on Alien Air Music

Synth.nl with the track 'Cirrostratus' was played on the American radio show 'Alien Air Music'. Last time I recorded it live, but now I went to the archive and listened there. There are a lot of shows to listen to on their website. If you want to listen to the latest show you have to scroll all the way down. I found out though that the flash player that is on there only works in Microsofts Internet Explorer. I hope you enjoy the show. You can find it here: http://www.alienairmusic.com/


pat said...

Hello Michel - thanks for the link to my website! Also, that's a great captured pic of the homepage. Keep up the great music and I look forward to more Synth.nl on Alien Air Music.

Synth.nl said...

Thanks :) I'm looking forward too :)