18 January 2009

Apollo Studio Furniture (Part 9)

Yesterday my furniture builder Gerrit worked in my studio all day. He replaced all the aluminum 19 inch profiles for steel ones. After that We put all the equipment back in. And now everything fitted like a charm :) So that problem is solved. We also shortened the center profiles from 4 units to 3 units. We did this because then there is more room under the equipment there to shove something under there like the mixing console I tried out before. We also installed a drawer you can see under the main desk. I put my master midi keyboard on there. Very convinient. I can put it away when I don't need it and pull it out when I want to play some lines during working on a track. In the past I always had to leave my working spot for that.

Here you see a closer view of the 19 inch profile. I'm happy with the fact that this new profile is black as well by the way. I think it looks much nicer now. You can also see Gerrit sawing in the main desk. Some of the holes were to small to fit equipment in. It is nice that the equipment is mounted in an angle in the upper cabinets, but this makes it point downwards on the back of course and you need to make room for that. In the end you won't see anything from this because it is behind the equipment. We also set some poles under the upper cabinet. We found that all the weight made it tilt a bit, and just to be sure we put some extra support under that. I would be a disaster if everything came down on there. Also these poles are invisible from the front. So no problem at all. Better safe than sorry.

In the mean time I did some work myself as well. I mounted power outlets in the lower cabinets. I found some nice ones that fit perfectly. Just four screws in the wood and it sits rock solid. All power outlets will be connected to a central place where I can switch them on and off induvidually. That is something I really missed in my previous studio. I think it will be very convinient. So in total I have 12 outlets per cabinet that should be more than sufficient I guess.

Now that Gerrit is finished on the main desk he is working again on the smaller desk. I hope this will arrive next Thursday. I'm very curious how that will fit. In the mean time I'm going to focus now on cabling everything.

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