14 January 2009

Reviews in German Synthesizer Magazine

Both my albums were reviewed in the German Magazine 'Synthesizer Magazine'. It comes out on print every month and it goes to all kinds of synthesizer enthusiasts. I have a subscription to the magazine myself as well and I can recommend it when you can read German. If you click on the picture on the left you can see a big version. I made a scan from the magazine. The quality is not superb but good enough I think. If you can't read German. In short they are saying that AeroDynamics is about speed and Formula 1 and AtmoSphere is about the weather. They can hear influences of Jean Michel Jarre, which is quite OK of course. They like both records and especially the production quality. Well of course I'm very happy with this nice review. And check out the magazine: http://www.synthesizer-magazin.de/

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