14 January 2009

Apollo Studio Furniture (Part 8)

Today my furniture builder Gerrit will come here to change the aluminum 19" profile in my studio desk for the steel version. As I explained in a previous post, most equipment didn't fit in. So yesterday I started the very frustrating job of removing all the equipment and cabling I already put in. Hopefully by the end of today the new profile will be fitted again and I can start putting the stuff back in and then start cabling stuff permanently. You can clearly see the aluminum profiles in the picture on the left by the way. As you can see it is not straight, but under an angle in some points so it is a lot of work to saw this straight. I feel really sorry for Gerrit who has to do this all over again as well.

Well at least I have some pictures now of the empty desk as well. I forgot to take them before since I started mounting equipment right away when the desk was placed. You can also see that I put power bars in the bottom cabinets here. Actually there are two in both. One below and one upstairs. Both have 6 power outlets so in total I have 12 power outlets per cabinet. That should be sufficient in most cases. You can also see in this picture some new speakers. I'm actually testing out some speakers now that I have on loan. I haven't decided yet which ones to buy, but I'm trying to listen to as many as possible at the moment and of course preferably in my own studio. I will post more about these test in another post later on. It is not really releated to the furniture anyway of course.

I didn't want to hold this view from you as well. It was quite difficult to find a space for all the stuff I took out of the desk. This isn't even all. I moved some stuff to the cinema and server room as well to make space for Gerrit to work today. But it is a big mess now I can tell you. I can't wait to put it all back later this evening. Well at least I know from the previous time now where to put everything back. I will do some minor changes even, since I found out it could be even a little bit more efficient. You will see pictures of that later on.

And here is the last view of the empty desk. You can see on the right here that I already mounted some synthesizers to the wall as well. I found a very nice system to mount my synthesizers that is very flexible and doesn't take up a lot of space. I will show pictures of that later on as well. Today were are first going to focus on getting the equipment back into the desk. Hopefully Gerrit will also take some stuff along with him for the smaller desk that will go on the other side of the room. As always I will keep you posted on the progress :)


Joel said...

It's really coming along isn't it! Wow!!! :)

Are those KRK monitors new? I've had my eye on some of the KRK products for a while but the price may push me towards Behringer. I'd love to hear your thoughts about them one day if you get a chance.

Synth.nl said...

No the KRK's are on loan. I'm testing them and will test some more as well. I will write a post on that later, but I can assure you that these KRK's sound way better than my Behringers.