19 January 2009

Apollo Studio Furniture (Part 10)

I already wrote that my furniture builder Gerrit mounted a drawer under my main desk. Well here it is :) Very nice to have a keyboard available right in front of me when I'm working in Sonar. I never had that before actually. The only problem was that the desk with the drawer under it is quite low. I already bumped my knees into it several times now. Gerrit is coming over again next Thursday and we will place it further backwards so when I pull it out I can use it but it goes way under the desk when I don't need it and have the extra space for my legs. In that way I have the best of both things I guess. Gerrit already told me it was possible so no worries there.

In the mean time Gerrit also send me the first picture of the other desk he is building. The lower part will basically be the same as the middle part of the main desk with a lower cabinet on the left and the right and also angles 19 inch profile on top on the left and the right. In the center there will be place for my electronics equipment like my oscilloscope, frequency counter and lab power supply. Those tools I use for constructing the big modular synthesizer I'm building. And guess where that is going? Right! On top of this desk in the part you see in the picture. I can mount three rows of modules in there. Isn't that cool? :) I'm sure this will look awesome when it is finished and it will be very convenient to have work bench to work on my electronics projects as well.

Another piece of furniture we got at the local tool store. A very convenient rack that we put into the server room. In the back you can see my electronics equipment in storage now waiting to be put into the new desk and you can see also some of the modules I'm building for the modular synthesizer on top of that. This rack will eventually be used for PC spare parts and stuff I regularly need in the studio and stuff for my electronics projects. It is nice that this way I can also use the server room to keep the mess out of my studio and not only the noise.

The last picture I wanted to share with you today is a view of another synth stand I put in the studio. It holds two of my newest synthesizers that I also want to have available to play on. In this way I created a nice little corner again where I can play on several keyboards on the same time just like I had in my old studio. And there is room enough for this. On the other side I will do that same thing and this way I will be completely surrounded by synthesizers. I love that :) This stand used to be 3 stories high by the way but I decided to remove one for now to make it less massive. Maybe I'll change it back later. I first have to wait and see where all the stuff goes when I install the 4 remaining wall synth mounts. OK enough for today. I think that was quite a lot already for one day. I'm going back to the studio to do some more cabling now.


McHonert said...

Hello Michel! I cannot believe which I see there. That becomes a fantastisches studio! I can hardly still see it to expect pictures from the studio to, if it is finished :-) I ask myself how do you make the air-condition in the studio. I saw none windows there :-) Greetings Holger

Synth.nl said...

There is an active ventilation system in there. Take makes fresh air come in. No worries :)