01 January 2009

Apollo Studio Furniture (Part 5)

Last week I got some new pictures again from my furniture builder Gerrit. Here you see a picture of the top part of the main desk. We had a lot of discussion about this part since there are a lot of angles and later on the 19" equipment has to fit in perfectly of course. Besides that in the middle a mixing control surface has to fit under it and I still haven't bought one, so I could not provide any measurements for that yet. We decided to leave that spot open for a while and finish that when it is clear what has to go there. He can do that later on when the stuff is in my studio.

In the picture on the right you see the finishing of the top of the main desk. The wood you see there is real mahony wood. It is still unlacked here. Several layers of lack go on top of this and that will make the color a bit darker and warmer. The black layer on top of the desk is actually very thick and hard. It is so strong that you can't scratch it easily. It is glued on top of the MDF wood that is under there. I think it looks great and I can imagine already how it will look on the red carpet in my studio with the black walls. I think it will look stunning.

Then later on in the week I received these pictures. Gerrit assembled the main desk in his workshop to see if everything fitted. I was instantly happy when I saw this picture. Doesn't it look great? He solved the angles of the top 19" cabinets perfectly in my opinion. The total width of the whole desk is 3 meters and 98 centimeters and my studio is about 4 meters. So this will fit in quite nice. Later on every inch of this desk will be filled probably. I'm already imagining what I'm going to put where. But I will have to try it out and shift stuff around a bit later on I guess.

Here is another one where you can see a better view of the bottom cabinets. There are four on each side so eight in total. Together with the top cabinets that gives me a lot of space to put 19" equipment in. Gerrit called me last week to make an appointment to bring the main desk over here. So I'm actually waiting now for the stuff to arrive. He will assemble it here on the spot in the studio and then make some adjustments if nessecary. I will make pictures of course and post them as soon as possible on here. I can't wait!

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