07 January 2009

Apollo Studio Furniture (Part 7)

Last week I moved a lot of equipment downstairs and put it in and on the new studio furniture to find the most ideal place for all of it. Some pieces only fit on a certain spot or don't fit where I hope it would, but that is no problem. The new main desk is so flexible that it is almost impossible for something to be out of reach. In this picture you see the left part where my analog corner will be again. In the third cabinet from the right I put the UPS for the studio, but when I switched it on I heard that it has fans and makes noise, so I will move it to the server room. Not all my analog synthesizers are going here by the way, because in the new setup I will also have a special place for all my modulars. They are going to be all together on the second desk that Gerrit is building at this moment.

Here is a picture of the right side of the desk. This will be the digital corner again just like in my old setup actually. Not much change here only all my synthesizer modules that were in the big rack behind me will be much closer now. In the right cabinet you see the Denon surround setup that I used in the living room. It was supposed to go into the cinema, but we bought a new receiver and bluray player for there, so I decided to use this set in my studio to just listen to music and watch a DVD. The receiver will be used primarily as a Dolby Digital decoder and will feed my active monitors in a surround setup later on.

This is the middle part and that is what changed the most. I have lots of equipment right in front of me and that is really great. On the top desk two new and bigger LCD screen will be put. I'm really looking forward to working on them. As you probably saw I put my old screens on the side. They will have another function soon on that I will explain later on. The only thing that is missing is a drawer that will be mounted in between the two center cabinets. It can put a master midi keyboard on there that I can use from my normal working position. It is nice to be able to play a tune without having to move from my spot. I'm still thinking about what keyboard to use there.

This picture shows a nice overview of the whole main desk. As you can see it is all very ergonomic. I can't wait to really start working here. The 19'' profiles are still not changed so I'm still waiting for that. It is kind off frustrating to know that I can remove everything again. I did hook up some stuff so that I can listen to music at least now while I'm working. I also temporary hooked up some stuff to the new studio PC to test and install drivers. So far everything works like a charm. Gerrit is now building a smaller desk for my modular setup. I hope that will arrive soon, because that will also function as a work bench. So far I'm doing a lot of stuff on the ground and that is not very comfortable of course. More info coming soon ;)


Joel said...

Awesome! Looking great!

Are you thinking about using a Midi controller for your master keyboard? Like one of the CME or Novation products?

Synth.nl said...

Yes a midi controller. Maybe Novation maybe Edirol. I don't know yet.

Jan R. Kloosterman said...

Building a new studio, keeping up a blog, probably working on a new album... Where do you get the energy and the time Michel? I'm already getting tired reading this all! But the result is great!

Synth.nl said...

Nothing gets done on its own ;) Just keep going. The picture of the end result is enough to drive me.

breit72 said...

Video!!!!!! .... Please?

Synth.nl said...

I will make videos for sure, but I'll wait untill it is a bit less messy :)