13 January 2009

Sonar V-Studio 700 Demonstration

Today Live Music and Roland came to my studio to demonstrate a new remote console especially designed for Cakewalk Sonar. I sold my US-2400 a while ago and I was still searching for a replacement, but I think I found it now. This thing totally integrates with Cakewalk Sonar 8 and that is what I use for my music production. One cool feature is that you can assign a fader to a track and let it stick on that while skipping through the project with the other faders. It also comes with an audio box with about 17 inputs. I will not use that I'm afraid since I have much more channels on my RME MADI setup, but it also comes with a build-in Roland Fantom synthesizer that you can use as a VST inside Sonar. The audio box works as a DSP unit and you can even upgrade the Fantom with an extra ARX board. I was very enthusiastic after this demonstration. It was too bad they had to take the demo model back with them. I would have loved to play a bit more with it.

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