31 January 2009

AudioRail ADAT rx32tx32

My friend Hanz found a solution for a problem that I had for transporting ADAT over UTP. He found these very nice converters that can transport 4 ADAT inputs and outputs over a single UTP cable. And since I have them around the studio it is very easy to patch and ADAT from my main desk to one of these machines further away. And I think they do this for a reasonable price. If you are interested you can find more information on the AudioRail website at http://www.audiorail.com/
You can order there directly and they do ship World Wide. I haven't tested them yet, but I will start cabling ADAT in the studio very soon and then I will know how they operate. It doesn't look all that diffucult. But this is surely convinient.


Dustin Jones said...


I'm very interested to hear your impressions of the r32tx32. We're considering this unit for our facility (a small theater) to move audio upstairs for a multitrack recording setup.

If the unit works as advertised, it would be the perfect solution.

Synth.nl said...

Hi Dustin,

It works like a charm here. No problems at all.


roffez said...

This one may be an alternative, cheaper and more flexible in terms of Rx/Tx channel selection.