07 January 2009

Nice surprise on Official Jarre Blog

Yesterday I was looking on the official Blog of Jean Michel Jarre to see if there was any news on him or his upcoming tour and I found a pleasant surprise there. I spotted my own name on that page! Of course I clicked on the link right away and found it to be a little review done by a website called ElectronicMusic.com. Returning to the page I found that it was an automatic news feed that was added to the blog, but it is still nice to be on the for a while. I will save this picture for sure. Now I just hope that Jean Michel Jarre reads his own blog as well ;) If you never saw the blog before you can find it here: http://aerojarre.blogspot.com/ and the review is here: http://www.electronicmusic.com/review/index.cfm?content=5577

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