19 January 2009

Mounting synthesizers in the Apollo Studio

If you think I only did some wiring the last weeks you are wrong :) I also mounted some synthesizers in the studio. I found a very neat system for that. You can see it in the picture on the left here. It basically consists of two parts. The first part mounted on the wall. And they are available in two sizes. 1 meters and 2 meters. I mounted two of those over the side parts of my main studio desk where already a synthesizer is on the desk. The second part is a flexible synth rest that is adjustable in angle and you can mount them on any height on the first part. This way you have a very flexible system that can hold quite some synthesizers.

Here you can see how the two parts are interconnected. On the backside there is an imbus type screw that you can use to determine the height of the synthesizer. It is by the way exactly the same type as Ikea uses ;) The only problem I encountered during mounting was my wall. It is 50 centimeters thick steel enforced concrete you have to drill in. And the concrete is not the problem, but the steel actually. I hit the steel after a few holes and thought my drill was strong enough. Well it wasn't ;) So I totally burned the thing :( So that cost me another drill. Ah well. That is life.

Another thing to watch is how angled you can mount the synthesizers. On the front there is a plastic stop that is not very high. So you can only let synthesizers rest on there that are not to heavy and have a straight front. Otherwise they would just shoot off like from a ramp. Ah well but doesn't this look nice from the front? :) These are the synths I have on the left of my main desk now. The bottom two (Andromeda and Prophet '08) will stay in this position for sure. I'm not sure yet about the other two. I still need to think about what goes where, but these were downstairs already and I needed to test the mounting system so why not put them on. And coincidentally they had a straight front. I never noticed before that a lot of synths don't. I can mount them anyway only more straight I guess. There was another reason for this angled mounting and that is that the synthesizers come quite a bit from the wall. I guess about 20 centimeters and I don't want them to overlap the bottom synth of course.

And these are the synthesizers I mounted on the right side of my main desk. Even better looking don't you think so? :) Well some people don't like Nords but I love them. These three Nords (Nord Lead 2, Wave and G2X) are all red, but completely different synthesizers all together. Together with the Korg M3 below they will be in my immediate reach to play on. So now two of these 1 meter synth mounts are installed. Another 1 meter mount will go over my Eminent 310 and then I have 3 mounts of 2 meters that will go on the free wall I have left. But I'll wait with this untill the second desk is installed in the studio. But I have work enough untill then so this is not holding me up or anything at the moment. In the mean time I also connected these synths to the power distribution and hookup up the USB ports of the lower three. The M3 to the main PC since it does midi over USB and the other two to the other PC since they only use an editor over USB and the rest will go over midi.


julian said...

great set-up! can you let us know where you bought the wall mount equipment? or did you have it fabricated?

Synth.nl said...

It is QuickLok stuff that they sold to shops. I don't know if they still go it. I bought mine from http://www.live-music.nl

mark noel said...

I cant fine nowhere this beat system andò i exatly what i need
The first parte the one u mount directly on wall...cant fine nowhere please help me this will save my life

Synth.nl said...

You have to ask a QuickLok dealer, but I doubt they will still sell it.

mark noel said...

Tnx fornthe fast reply

I dont know the name of this parts..how i can ask?

Synth.nl said...

I don't know. Just show them the pictures.