31 January 2009

Kurzweil K2600R Works

Again a lot has happened last week, I only didn't have much time to update my blog a lot. Besided that my DSL modem broke and I had to get a new one. In the mean time I worked on a ISDN backup connection and I know now that I'm getting spoiled in bandwidth. It was no fun on this slow connection. But well that all works again. I did some testing with the Kurzweil K2600R that I upgraded earlier and everything works like a charm. So it is now fully ADAT and SPDIF capable. I played a bit around with it last week and I'm still amazed about how good it sounds. You can hear that Kurzweil really put in a lot of effort to get the sounds right on those patches. I especially love the Orchestral ROM sounds in it. They have many layers and when you hit them harder they really sound huge.

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