02 November 2009

Yusynth (Part 8)

Today I finished my first Yusynth module. I started this project long time ago, but I picked it up again. The module I worked on is a dual module. It has a noise generator with pink and white noise and it also has a random and sample & hold module. Here you see the PCB in front where I soldered all the wires on first. And in the back you see the front panel I got from Bridechamber with the front panel components already on there and also the bracket where the PCB will be mounted on. If you look closely at the PCB you can also see a transistor in a socket. This transistor is easily swappable this way and that was necessary to later on select a transistor that creates the best noise :)

Soldering the wires to the front panel components on Yusynth modules is quite easy. Yves gives very nice wiring schemes on his website. I mounted a little screw connector on the PCB for the power. Since I don't have any MOTM style power connectors I just screwed the power on the power distribution board. Here you see the finished module, only the led is still hanging loose. I need to find a nice led holder to mount it on the front panel. After hooking the power up I first did the elementary test for smoke and hot components and that all looked fine.

After that I hooked up the module for testing. First of all I tested the noise sources directly on the audio and swapped some transistors. But actually I didn't really hear a difference. Both sources sounded great to me. After that I hookup the module to the VC-LFO I repaired earlier. I used it as an oscillator actually. And also the Random and Sample & Hold worked fine. Then I tested the external input and external clock. And almost boring that worked as well. So I have a fully functional Yusynth random module now. If you are interested in this module. You can find more information about it here: http://www.yusynth.net/Modular/EN/NOISE/index.html

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