02 November 2009

Quest For Leak Continues

Last night it leaked again. When my wife looked in the studio this morning because it rained quite heavy last night and there was water again in one of the buckets. So it leaked again. I immediately called the constructor and he came right away again. It was dry when he came, but we put a couple of buckets water in the hole and it started leaking again after a while. So now at least we are quite sure it must be still coming from this same place. But the frustrating thing is that you don't see anything happening at all.

The constructor tore down even a larger part of the wall to make room for an even bigger patch. This time though we will not remove the old one, but just put it over it. It has to stop one day. I'm very tired by now of this. You just can't leave the house when you know it is going to rain. Well in this picture you can see how far our wall is destroyed now. But I'm sure that will be fixed again. Lets first fix the problem. Hopefully tomorrow they are going to apply the new patch. Until then I can only hope it will stay dry. I will keep you posted as always on the progress.

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