11 November 2009

Klee Sequencer (Part 2)

I visited my local electronics shop again today to pick up some more parts for the Klee Sequencer. I also look for some nice led holders and found these ones. The only problem though is that they were wider than the holes that Bridechamber put in the front panel. I don't know what kind of led holders Scott uses, but they need to be very tiny since these ones were the smallest I could find. Well I think these look neat since they are shiney like the rest of the front panel components I selected.

The only scary thing was that I needed to drill holes in this very nice front panel. I think the standard holes were 6 millimeter and for the led holders I selected I needed to drill 8 millimeter holes. Well luckily there is room enough for that. I did a trial first on the Yusynth Noise and Random module I build before. There was still a led holder missing on that as well. I also found out that There are 5 more leds going on the front panel than I anticipated. I only looked at the step position leds, but there is also a clock led and bus leds. Well the electronics shop had enough in stock :)

In the picture on the left you see the result. Looks nice doesn't it? Well I like it anyway. I did have some trouble by the way to get the plastic piece in that holds the led in place in the metal casing. If you look closely in the picture on top you see a little black thing sticking out of the led holder. That has to go all the way in actually to secure the led. And I needed to apply quite some force on to that. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but at least the won't go anywhere anymore now. I'll pick of 5 more leds and led holders somewhere soon and finish it. Now back to the PCB's :)

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