14 November 2009

Klee Sequencer (Part 3)

Last week I wrote on my blog that I was looking for the 0.1% 100K resistors and I got a very nice reaction on that post. Andre mailed me with the Farnell part number and I could order them right away. I asked him back if he also knew the part numbers for some other components as it turned out that he was also building a Klee Sequencer. So he gave me his list for the stuff I didn't have yet. This saved me an enormous amount of time. Thanks Andre! I also got some more led holders last week since I overlooked 5 leds on the front panel.

Here you see the font panel with the extra leds and most of the switched installed. The switches are all APEM series 5000. They have a very nice flat look. I still need to mount three switched in the middle and the jacks, potmeters and a rotary switch. I'm trying to order them from Bridechamber, but I think Scott is a bit busy since he doesn't react very quickly on mail and it looks like he didn't even ship my previous order yet. So I'm considering to order some stuff from Mouser. I also got part numbers for the potmeters and rotary switch from Andre.

After I mounted the front panel components I worked some more on the PCB's with the next supply of parts that I got. I'm still missing 100K resistors and 100nF capacitors, but the rest is soldered. When checking the IC values I saw that my local electronics shop gave me alternatives. In stead of the CMOS CD types I got HCF ones. I don't think I should do this even though I can't make up from the data sheets if it would be a problem. But I rather not take chances and will bring them back and order them from Farnell I guess. Too bad that getting all the components takes so much time. I'd love to start wiring it, but I better wait until everything is in place.


halfofmeis333 said...

i'm going to follow your Klee build as i'm doing one too!
i have a bridechamber front panel and got the boards and components all through the electro-music forum.
i like the switches you've chosen, i think i'll be getting some of those too.
here's my blog too:

Synth.nl said...

Thanks for following and the post on your own blog. Interesting stuff on there as well. The switches are from ALPS if you need type number just E-mail me.