08 November 2009

AVRSynth 32 (Part 3)

This afternoon I worked some more on the AVRSynth with my daughter. We actually managed to finish the PCB. It was not very exciting since only the connectors were left to solder. Strange thing is that for the small connectors there were two different kinds. One was a regular connector and the other one just a header connector. Ah well it works just the same and eventually it is inside the case so nobody will notice. After that the PCB needed to be mounted on the bottom of the casing. I drilled four holes in the bottom and used nuts and bolts to fasten everything.

After that we started mounting the panel components. First the ones on the rear. Not much there. Just an audio output connector on a jack, a connector for an external 12 Volts DC power supply and a midi jack. Strangly enough I also couldn't find the nuts and bolts that should have come with the midi jack I guess. But well I have enough of those. Then we continued with the front panel. I found the 8 potmeters as stated earlier in the bag with all the potmeters for the ASM-2. It looks like Elby just tossed everything together. Ah well now that I know it is OK.

We started to mount the potmeters. I found out quite quickly that I had to shorten them by sawing a piece of the shaft. Since there are metal it was not a very easy job. While it was doing this my daughter lost concentration and left. But we decided that I would finish this job. I also had a problem later on getting the knobs on. I had to find a special tool to fasten them. The screw is very tiny and is of the Hex/Allen/Imbus type. (I'm not sure what the correct English name is). I finally found one that barely fitted and was able to secure them. The next thing I found out is that the holes for the led holders are too small. So I will have to drill them larger I'm afraid. There is more DIY to this kit actually than I expected. But after this I stopped and will continue again when my daughter feels like it again.

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