08 November 2009

PC Trouble Fixed

I had a very annoying problem with the second PC in my studio. This is not my main audio recording PC, but a PC that I use for video stuff, mastering stuff, sample editing and also some editors for synthesizers are running on it. It is nice that I can do stuff on there that doesn't interfere with recording. But recently it became very slow and after a while it completely froze. It lost it BIOS settings on restarting. I was thinking it was time for a new one, but I decided to have a look first. So I detached all external USB and firewire connections and started removing PCI and PCI-e cards on by one. Suddenly when I removed one of my USB PCI cards it worked fine. So this card probably messed up the PCI buss on the main board. Well I'm very happy that I can use it normally again :)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes just having my flash drive plugged into my computer causes some thing to work differently or not at all.

I seen your twitter just now and I am following you here now.



Synth.nl said...

Hi Andrew,

Thanks :)