06 November 2009

Yusynth (Part 12)

I did some more work on my Yusynth project. In the picture you see the finished PCB of a Fixed Filter Bank. I ordered this module as a complete kit from Bridechamber. It came in a nice box with all the necessary components. And I can tell you there are a lot of capacitors in there. They are all different so most time went in looking up the right ones. But I think I managed but I won't be sure until I finalize and test the module of course. This PCB is by the way also a lot larger than the other modules I build. It was a bit more difficult to mount it on the two brackets.

Well here you can see how I solved it. I left some space between them and the bottom one is hanging only on one potmeter, but it feels firm enough. And later on the PCB itself will hold everything together I guess. You can also see that I mounted all the front panel components and started wiring them. As usual I started first with the ground loop. You can also see that one jack is missing in the right bottom corner. The funny thing is that the Switchcraft jack normally comes with a mounting nut, but the one I got didn't have any thread in it. So it didn't hold much.

I asked Bridechamber to send me a new one with the next shipment. After this I started with the wires on the PCB. And there are a lot. But when I was just getting started unfortunately it started to leak again in my studio :( And it leaked exactly over my head so I had to stop. I'm getting so tired of this. I hope we can get this over with any time soon. Well in the mean time I started to make some lists of components that I needed to order for some other PCB's I have laying around. I don't have to be bored for the coming months I guess. I'll keep you posted on the updates.

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